XRP Price to Explode After Extreme Compression? Analyzing Next 60 Days

• XRP price has been showing extreme strength for over a year and is expected to explode after an extensive compression.
• The bulls and bears are currently exhibiting acute strength, but the trend continues to be bearish in the short term.
• The price is trading within a bullish trend in an ascending triangle, with the RSI trading parallel, indicating that consolidation may prevail for some time.

XRP Price Highly Undergoes Extreme Compression

XRP price has been witnessing rejections from the same resistance multiple times, which indicates the price could be accumulating strength to undergo a bullish breakout. The next few days are equally important and may decide the next course of action, which is largely bullish at the moment.

Long Term Bullishness

The XRP price has been displaying extreme strength for nearly a year now, with less impact from market trends. Moreover, since the beginning of 2023, prices have remained elevated as the XRP Army became extremely bullish on its future prospects. This was mainly due to expectations of an outcome in favor of Ripple regarding its lawsuit against SEC.

Bearish Short Term Trend

Despite having started out strong this year, bearish sentiment has affected XRP’s value in recent weeks. Currently both bulls and bears are displaying acute strength; however trend continues to remain downbeat. Volume has also declined due to which it is not above descending consolidation line yet.

Highly Likely Breakout

Extreme compression usually leads to a major breakout and such might be expected here too given that prices have rebounded each time they visit lower support line of their ascending triangle pattern during this period. Also RSI chart shows parallel movement indicating that consolidation will persist for sometime more before any major move happens either way.


In conclusion, XRP’s current situation looks highly promising as long-term prospects seem very positive while short-term outlook appears bearish at present though likely only temporarily until enough buying power accumulates leading up to next breakout which might finally take prices higher again as per technical analysis predictions.