Ethereum is Fairly Transparent : SEC vs. Ripple Case Unveiled

• This article focuses on William Hinman’s deposition transcript in the case of the SEC vs. Ripple.
• According to the transcript, Hinman praised Ethereum for its transparency.
• John Deaton also suggested that Hinman may have misled the court when asked about his June 14, 2018 speech.

Overview of SEC vs. Ripple Case

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a lawsuit against Ripple alleging that it conducted an unregistered securities offering with XRP tokens as well as fraudulently selling securities to investors. In response, Ripple, which had previously claimed that it was not selling securities, retained CryptoLaw founder and attorney John Deaton to defend their case in court.

William Hinman Gives Deposition

On July 27th 2021, William Hinman, the former director of the SEC’s Corporation Finance gave his testimony in relation to Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit against the SEC. During his deposition, @s_alderoty was present and listening. One remark from Hinman about Ethereum being “fairly transparent” evidently struck a chord with Alderoty.

Hinman Praises Ethereum

John Deaton began tweeting snippets from Hinman’s deposition transcript on Twitter including one remark where he praised Ethereum for its transparency saying “You know, with respect to Ethereum one of the things that was somewhat compelling was it was fairly transparent.“

Did Hinman Mislead During His Deposition?

Deaton has been actively sharing excerpts from Hinman’s deposition sparking discussions among crypto enthusiasts and legal experts alike. He also suggested that during this testimony, Hinman may have misled the court despite being under oath when asked about his June 14th 2018 speech outside of the SEC; claiming he did not discuss any substance regarding it- however emails released later contradicted this statement .


The twists and turns regarding William Hminan’s deposition are yet to be seen as further details are revealed but what is certain is that his remarks about Ethereum being transparent will be closely monitored by investors across the cryptocurrency industry looking for insights into government regulations surrounding digital assets.