Erth Points: The Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Revolutionizing ESG Obligations

• Erth Points is a next-generation cryptocurrency designed to revolutionize environmental, social and governance (ESG) obligations.
• It works by sending micropayments to the customer as a reward point, supporting the community, or repairing environmental damage.
• Erth Points combines solving ESG with Rewards Points and trades on 4 Crypto exchanges.

What are Erth Points?

Erth Points is the next-generation Cryptocurrency in a league of its own; it’s a Clykto-Currency with more utility and productive worldwide applications than all other Cryptos combined. It has completed multiple test projects and is on the cusp of taking its home country of Australia and then the world, and it is helping to save the world.

How Does Erth Points Work?

The Erth Points system enables a portion of each purchase from potentially every business worldwide to satisfy their ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) obligations. Sending micropayments to the customer as a reward point, supporting the community, repairing environmental damage or saving the Planet while benefiting all parties such as businesses and customers. Furthermore, businesses already spend hundreds of Billions on satisfying their ESG obligations plus much more on marketing and advertising which can be combined with rewards points using this patented system.

Are Erth Points Tax Deductible?

If used for their intended purpose, Erth points should be tax deductible for businesses; they also have a legal opinion that they are not a security in the USA as per SEC legislation, which puts them in an elite club with only BTC and ETH.

Where Can I Trade Erth Points?

Erth points trade on 4 Crypto exchanges and are part of a solid business model that is not susceptible to manipulation or fraudulence.


Erth Points is an innovative cryptocurrency designed to revolutionize environmental social governance obligations while providing rewards points for businesses marketing needs. It trades on 4 crypto exchanges has legal opinion confirming it’s not classified as security under US law making it one of the most secure cryptos available today